You are responsible for payment to Grey Matter Consulting of charges for all Services provided any Users within thirty (30) days of the invoice date. All funds will be billed in Canadian dollars. Accounts with a balance older than thirty (30) days of the invoice date may be suspended and/or cancelled at any time until full payment is received. Grey Matter Consulting does not waive its right to suspend or cancel an account if, in its sole discretion, it chooses to not suspend or cancel an overdue account.

Pre-Authorized Payments

Grey Matter Consulting collects all charges pursuant to Grey Matter Consulting’s preauthorized payment service agreements. Certain Services may be debited earlier and more frequently if Your account balance reaches a pre-set threshold for which You have been given notice.

In the event Grey Matter Consulting is unable to debit Your credit card, bank account or other account used for pre-authorized payment, to receive payment in respect of Your use of Service, Grey Matter Consulting will charge an administrative fee and late charges at a monthly compounded rate of 1% in addition to any other remedies available to Grey Matter Consulting.


Provided that you notify Grey Matter Consulting within 150 days of being invoiced or charged for the disputed amount, Grey Matter Consulting will review any disputed charge, provided You continue to pay the undisputed portion and subsequent invoices.


Grey Matter Consulting may require a security deposit where You have an unsatisfactory credit rating. Grey Matter Consulting will review the continued appropriateness of such deposits from time to time and will provide a reimbursement of the deposit by way of application of the amount to Your current account with accumulated interest, provided that timely account payment history has been demonstrated. When service is terminated, Deposit interest will be calculated from receipt date of deposit, based on the original deposit amount, at simple interest apportioned monthly based on the prime lending rate posted by the Bank of Canada less 2%; with a minimum of interest rate of 0%.


Grey Matter Consulting may not issue cheques for refunds for any amounts lower than ten dollars ($10.00). In the alternative, You agree that that any refunds lower than ten dollars ($10.00) will be credited against Your account or, at Grey Matter Consulting’s discretion, may be subject to a reasonable processing fee to refund. Improperly billed or over-billed charges will be credited, provided that You dispute such charges within 150 days of the date of the bill.

Long Distance Charges

Usage charges for all of Grey Matter Consulting’s long distance voice Services will be billed individually in one minute increments, subject to a one minute minimum charge. Any fraction of an increment will be rounded to the next highest increment. Call timing will be determined conclusively by Grey Matter Consulting’s network systems.

Invoice by Mail

All invoices and account statements will be delivered by email. There are no billing charges if You choose to receive Your invoices through Grey Matter Consulting’s automated email billing system. A monthly paper billing charge of $5.00 applies if You choose to receive Your invoices by paper using postal services.


You agree to pay all taxes, surcharges, and fees set by the government. We may not always give advance notice of changes to these items. If You’re exempt from retail sales tax, we need Your exemption certificates. You agree to pay for any filings we make related to Your exemptions.

Suspension Charge

Grey Matter Consulting will charge You a suspension or cancellation charge where Grey Matter Consulting suspended or cancelled Services due to non-payment. Such Suspension charge will be calculated as 100% of the average monthly bill over the previous twelve (12) months, with a minimum charge of $30.

Change of Rates and/or Services

Grey Matter Consulting may at any time and without notice to You, change, modify or terminate any Service, plan or Service or plan features, in whole or in part and including rates for such Services where the Services are not subject to a fixed rate contract. Rates will be posted on Grey Matter Consulting’s website. Where You are being charged a different rate than the posted rate on Grey Matter Consulting’s website, you will be notified of the rate change by email or in our secure customer internet portal.